Wednesday, 16 March 2011

In microbiology lab

In the lab we should not supposed to put or read our notes on the experimenting bench (sorry, broken english)... but since I'm a forgetful kind of a person,so I did it anyway... Then suddenly, came Prof N. my mentor approaching me from the back... Realising my mistake, I quickly say "opps opps sorry sorry" then I quickly ran hiding behind one of my lab partners... After that I heard Prof N. said something... I really thought that he wanted to scold me or something so I juz do the 2 things I know best which are to look down and be totally silent heee... after hearing Prof N., all of my friends suddenly become eager and stared at me and said " haah la ada ada..." and another said "mana mana, x nampak pun" and the other answered "tu yg tu tu..." and the other replied " haah nampak nampak..." and I become agitated and start to listen what Prof N said... "You have subconjunctival haemorrhage"... and I said "What??!!" with my blurry eye and confused face.... Prof N. answered " If I said you have it then it's means that I can clearly see it" 
Me again become even more confused... So I asked them" apa, apanya, ada apa??"... they said " tu kat mata awak tu ada garis garis".... " garis garis apa, ada apa??" I asked them impatiently...
Then after seeing me becoming worried he said... " H.....h don't worry, it's a normal thing, even some of the Drs don't realized it until someone else told them so... so do not worry, it will go away after a few weeks... it happens due to rupture of small capillaries due to high pressure maybe cause by crying so much... so don't worry ok..." and I said "owh ok..."
Tapi dalam hati saya berkata 'wow pandainya Prof N teka'... I do cried last night... and I even cried myself  to sleep that day... so I really am impressed with Prof N. he even can remember my name who is totally a nobody and that totally makes me feels like I'm a somebody... Thank you Prof N...
Then after he left, I said to them... " la ingatkan Prof N cakap pasal yang ni tadi..."and at the same time showing them my birth mark in my eye... All of them become surprised after seeing it and call after Prof N again... I said "eh eh tak yah la panggil lagi dah..." after that they said "tunjuk jer tak per..." ... dan dalam hati saya pun berkata 'amboi sesuki je yer nak kata tak pe pulak...' hmmm then nak tak nak kena la tunjuk jugak... Prof N pun kata "you had it a long time ago is it..." and I nodded my head... " nevermind there is nothing to worry about it juz that you wont be able to lose it lah.. dont have to worry lah..."
So now I know, before this i really thought that my birthmark is a kind of a mole(tahi lalat)... rupa rupernya ianya adalah subconjunctival haemorrhage... ngeh ngeh begitulah ceritanya.... disebabkan kita tak tau nak letak gambar camne, jadi kita letak lain kali jer la heee....

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